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Friday, January 23, 2015

El Coleccionista De Cadavres (aka Cauldron Of Blood) (1970)

A journalist (Jean Pierre Aumont) arrives in a small coastal village in Spain to do an article on a renowned but reclusive blind sculptor (Boris Karloff). However, the sculptor is under the firm control of his mercenary wife (Viveca Lindfors). This low budget Spanish horror flick was filmed in 1967 but not released until 1970 after Karloff's death. It's easy to see why it remained on the shelf for three years. The narrative isn't the most coherent and it looks like it was edited with a hatchet. Poor Karloff doesn't have much to do while Lindfors and Aumont do most of the work. The film's plot is a ripoff of the 1953 HOUSE OF WAX with some brief nudity and more violence tossed in. Lindfors' character (some synopsis refer to her as Karloff's daughter rather than his wife) has some sort of S&M fetish (she likes to whip little girls while dressed as Maria Von Trapp) that may have a basis in her past but the film is vague on this point. The film zigzags all over the place and the director Santos Alcocer (though the English language cut is credited to Edward Mann) can't seem to get a grasp on it. With Rosenda Monteros (THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN).

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