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Monday, January 26, 2015

Her Husband's Affairs (1947)

A recently married advertising man (Franchot Tone) tends to invest in outlandish schemes and it is up to his smart and more practical wife (Lucille Ball) to save him from himself. This irritates him no end as he wishes she would keep her nose out of his business. But an invention that backfires could land him in jail! This comedy tries hard but it has two major disadvantages. The first is Franchot Tone who just doesn't have the sense of ridiculousness that the part requires. The part requires a Danny Kaye or a Red Skelton and even then I'm not sure it would have fully worked. The second disadvantage is the sexism, a man who expects his smarter wife to dumb down and shut up for him. To the film's credit, Ball's wife knows she's smarter and more practical than her dreamer spouse and resists his attempts though she would like to be the "little woman" he wants. Scattered moments of hilarity but overall, a rather mundane comedy. Directed by S. Sylvan Simon (THE FULLER BRUSH MAN). With Larry Parks, Edward Everett Horton, Gene Lockhart and Mikhail Rasumny.

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