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Saturday, July 4, 2015

An Innocent Affair (1948)

When her advertising executive husband (Fred MacMurray) starts coming home in the wee hours of the morning, his wife (Madeleine Carroll) suspects another woman. When she hires an actor to make her husband jealous, things go terribly wrong and mixed signals and misunderstanding follows. Directed by the veteran Lloyd Bacon (42ND STREET), the film attempts do to a marital comedy in the style of the classic THE AWFUL TRUTH. TRUTH is a benchmark in the annals of screwball comedy so they've set the bar impossibly high. What we end up with is a modestly amusing comedy that might not have made me laugh out loud but I grinned a lot. MacMurray is at his most boyishly charming which compensates for Carroll's rather rigid performance. It's the kind of movie fantasy where struggling ad execs live in huge New York apartments with gorgeous skylines and go to fancy nightclubs. Innocuous fun. With Charles "Buddy" Rogers (WINGS), Rita Johnson, Louise Allbritton and in the film's funniest sequence, Alan Mowbray as a hapless man paid to impersonate Allbritton's husband. 

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