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Friday, July 10, 2015

Loser Takes All (1956)

An accountant (Rossano Brazzi) is encouraged to have his wedding and honeymoon in Monte Carlo by his boss (Robert Morley) at the company's expense. But when he and his fiancee (Glynis Johns) arrive in Monaco, things don't quite go the way they were planned especially after the groom becomes obsessed with the gambling tables. Based on an original screenplay by Graham Greene (THE THIRD MAN), this lightweight romantic comedy benefits from the handsome Monaco locations shot in color and CinemaScope by Georges Perinal (THIEF OF BAGDAD). But just because Greene's name is attached don't expect anything special, it's quite average. Brazzi is not normally an actor one associates with comedy and his weak performance here only accentuates why. Fortunately, there's Johns (an expert comedienne) as well as Robert Morley (who the film could have used more of) to squeeze whatever wit they could from the dialogue. Directed by Ken Annakin (THOSE MAGNIFICENT MEN IN THEIR FLYING MACHINES). With Tony Britton, Joyce Carey, Geoffrey Keen, Felix Aylmer, Mona Washbourne and Shirley Anne Field.

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