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Monday, July 27, 2015

Malice In Wonderland (1985)

In 1944, all Hollywood holds its collective breath as archrival gossip columnists Louella Parsons (Elizabeth Taylor) and Hedda Hopper (Jane Alexander) meet for lunch at Romanoff's. Everyone expects the fur to fly but instead ..... they reminisce. This is an enjoyable romp for fans of Old Hollywood even if it is sloppy with the facts. Example: they attend a screening of I REMEMBER MAMA in 1944. The only problem is ... it didn't come out until 1948. The two actresses have a field day even though Taylor is physically miscast. Even on her worst day, she was more beautiful than the homely Parsons. Parsons as written here isn't very interesting but Hopper's story has more range (washed up actress turns into feared gossip columnist) and Alexander plays it for all it's worth. The sumptuous cinematography by Philip H. Lathrop (THEY SHOOT HORSES DON'T THEY?) gives it a rich big screen movie sheen (it was shot for television). Directed by Gus Trikonis. With Tim Robbins as a young Joseph Cotten, Nancy Travis, Rick Lenz, Richard Dysart, Joyce Van Patten and Jon Cypher. 

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