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Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Woman Hunter (1972)

Recovering from a serious auto accident in which a man was killed, a wealthy heiress (Barbara Eden) goes to Acapulco with her husband (Robert Vaughn) for rest. But when she meets a mysterious stranger (Stuart Whitman) on the beach, she's attracted to him but also suspicious. Does he want her ...... or her jewels? A standard woman in jeopardy flick that benefits from the gorgeous Acapulco locations as lensed by Gabriel Torres. The director Bernard L. Kowalski (KRAKATOA EAST OF JAVA) doesn't bring more than efficiency (and barely that) to the film. Eden is stunning in her very 1970s wardrobe and, as usual in movies of this sort, gets to indulge in hysterics which she does competently. The plot manages to keep us guessing till the very end which is good since there's not much else to keep us occupied. Unfortunately someone thought it was a good idea to have Whitman shirtless for much of the film which was a mistake since the man boobs were starting to set in. The score is by George Duning (PICNIC). With Sydney Chaplin and Larry Storch.

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