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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Pirates Of Capri (1949)

In late 18th century Italy, the people are revolting against the oppressive rule of Naples' Queen (Binnie Barnes). But in actuality, she's just a dupe for the prime minister (Massimo Serato) who's the real power behind the throne. Meanwhile, while masquerading as a fop at the court, a Count (Louis Hayward) is known to the people as the masked Captain Sirocco, the leader of the rebellion. This is your standard generic swashbuckler, not great but not bad either. The director Edgar G. Ulmer brings a certain panache to the proceedings but the hero masquerading as a fop plot (ZORRO, SCARLET PIMPERNEL, SON OF MONTE CRISTO) gives it a sense of deja vu. Hayward has done this sort of thing before and brings a comfortable fit to the part. The movie could have used a more exciting leading lady than the nondescript Italian actress (Mariella Lotti) used here. The unexceptional score is by Nino Rota. With Alan Curtis and Mikhail Rasumny.

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