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Monday, July 25, 2016

A Caribbean Mystery (1983)

A spinster (Helen Hayes) from a small village in England is enjoying an island vacation in the Caribbean courtesy of her nephew. But the vacation soon turns deadly when an elderly and talkative Major (Maurice Evans) is murdered. When another murder occurs, the spinster takes an active interest in solving the crime. Based on the Agatha Christie novel with her spinster sleuth Miss Marple at the center. Hayes doesn't even bother with an English accent but her Miss Marple is acceptable if one isn't too demanding. It's one of Christie's better books and this telefilm does it justice even if its budget didn't allow for actual location shooting, the California coastal city of Santa Barbara stands in for the Caribbean. The acting is generic though Evans and Barnard Hughes as a cantankerous millionaire bring some punch to their roles. Christie fans should be pleased. Directed by Robert Michael Lewis. With Swoozie Kurtz, Brock Peters, Beth Howland, Cassie Yates, Stephen Macht, Season Hubley, Jameson Parker, Zakes Mokae and George Innes.

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