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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Four Guns To The Border (1954)

Four bandits (Rory Calhoun, George Nader, John McIntire, Jay Silverheels) plot to rob a bank and then split the money once they cross the border. But a young girl (Colleen Miller) and her ex-gunslinger father (Walter Brennan) put a crimp in their plans. Based on IN VICTORIO'S COUNTRY by the western writer Louis L'Amour and directed by the actor Richard Carlson (CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON), this is your standard 1950s Universal western that connects all the dots accordingly. Two elements stand out, however. The female characters (Nina Foch and Mary Field are the other two) are all strong women with minds of their own. The second is the sexual tension between Calhoun and the lovely Miller. Specifically, a scene taking place on a hot and humid rainy night as Miller in her underwear gets soaked to the skin and Calhoun (also soaked to the skin) attempts to take her and the passive aggressive "love" scene that follows which has an eroticism that seems out of place in a routine western. Russell Metty did the lensing. With Charles Drake and Nestor Paiva.   

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