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Monday, July 11, 2016

The Long Haul (1957)

Set in Liverpool, an American ex-GI (Victor Mature) wants to return to America but his English wife (Gene Anderson) insists they remain in Great Britain. His job as a trucker involves him with a racketeer (Patrick Allen) whose illegal ways and mistress (Diana Dors) will soon get him in plenty of hot water. Based on the novel by Mervyn Mills and directed by Ken Hughes (CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG), who also wrote the screenplay. Though not quite in their class, this is a surprisingly taut thriller with thematic ties to such American films as THEY DRIVE BY NIGHT and THIEVES HIGHWAY. It's strong stuff and allows both Mature and Dors a chance to do a bit of acting instead of relying on their physiques. The film's highlight is a tense truck trek (hence the film's title) over a dangerous mountain route to the sea. A programmer to be sure but worth a look see. With Peter Reynolds and Liam Redmond.

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