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Monday, July 11, 2016

Don Juan Ou Si Don Juan Etait Une Femme (1973)

A woman (Brigitte Bardot) who considers herself the reincarnation of the famous 17th century lover Don Juan makes it her mission to seek out men and destroy them. But she may have taken things too far and feels the need to confess to a priest (Mathieu Carriere). Directed by Roger Vadim, this was his fifth film starring Bardot, his former wife. It's a rather silly muddle of a film. At this stage of her career, Bardot was getting a bit too old to play the sex kitten and the film seems an aimless excuse for Bardot engage in various "shocking" sexcapades au naturel like the girl on girl action with Jane Birkin or her seduction of the priest (who also happens to be her cousin) on a fur rug. Ridiculously as if this were a 1940s Warners melodrama, Bardot must pay for her sins in a fiery finale. Frankly, I can't feel too sorry for the guys whose lives she messes up. They're either male chauvinists, cheaters or weaklings. For Bardot fans only. With Maurice Ronet, Robert Hossein, Michele Sand and Robert Walker Jr.

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