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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Valley Of The Kings (1954)

In 1900 Egypt, a woman (Eleanor Parker) hoping to complete her deceased father's dream teams up with an archaeologist (Robert Taylor) to discover the tomb of Ra-Hotep. But they aren't the only ones interested in the tomb and danger, intrigue and romance pave the way to the tomb. Filmed on location in Egypt which helps the movie considerably as it's not much more than the usual Indiana Jones type adventure. Directed and co-written by Robert Pirosh, who was more versed as a writer (his script for BATTLEGROUND won an Oscar) than directing. It's a serviceable adventure film set in an exotic land and short enough to not outstay its welcome. The film benefits by the on screen chemistry of Taylor and Parker in their second film together (they would do one more for a total of 3) but I wish the transfer I saw had been better, it tended to be on the soft side which compromised Robert Surtees' luxurious cinematography. There's a Miklos Rozsa score which is a bonus to any film. With Carlos Thompson, Kurt Kasznar, Victor Jory, Leon Askin and Samia Gamal. 

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