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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Il Gladiatore Invincibile (aka Invincible Gladiator) (1962)

After a gladiator (Richard Harrison) is given his freedom and a position as the ruling prime minister's (Leo Anchoriz) bodyguard, a beautiful princess (Luisella Boni) opens his eyes as to how evil and cruel the tyrant really is. This piece of Italian/Spanish peplum directed by Alberto De Martino and Antonio Momplet is the usual sword and sandal fare. Harrison, an American supporting player imported to Italy where he became a star, is a bit on the scrawny side compared to the likes of Steve Reeves and Gordon Scott. Still, it doesn't stop him from toppling pillars. Boni is lovely, Anchoriz makes for a slimy villain and there's a suspenseful bit toward the end where we don't know if it's Harrison or his gladiator friend (Jose Marco) who's fighting to the death in the arena. If you're into this kind of stuff, there should be enough action to entertain you. If you're not, it's unlikely you'd check it out anyway.

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