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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Julie (1956)

On her honeymoon, a bride (Doris Day) discovers that her jealous and possessive husband (Louis Jourdan) murdered her first husband and threatens to kill her if she ever leaves him. When she does just that, he attempts to track her down and carry out his threat. Day had a talent for hysteria as she superbly demonstrated in Hitchcock's MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH which was released the same year and she employs it well here, too. Despite its Oscar nominated screenplay by Andrew L. Stone (THE LAST VOYAGE) however, the writing is too often slipshod. Stone's direction is pretty good though and he manages to create some genuine suspense during the film's tense finale with Day flying an airline of full of passengers to safety after the pilots are injured, certainly more believable than when Karen Black attempted the same thing in AIRPORT 1975. Leith Stevens' score is fairly lackluster though the Oscar nominated title song (sung by Day) is lovely. With Barry Sullivan, Frank Lovejoy, Jack Kelly, Ann Robinson (WAR OF THE WORLDS), Jack Kruschen, Pamela Duncan and Mae Marsh.

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