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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Stick (1985)

When an ex-con (Burt Reynolds, who also directed) accompanies an old friend on an illegal drug deal in the Everglades, it goes horribly wrong and his friend is killed. As a point of honor, he is determined not only to avenge his friend's death but get the man (Charles Durning) who set them up. Based on the novel by Elmore Leonard (GET SHORTY) who co-wrote the screenplay, this is a slickly made action thriller, one of the better late entries in Burt Reynolds' then fading career. The famed stunt man Dar Robinson has his one and only acting role as an albino killer and performs one of the most memorable stunts in movie history, falling off the balcony of a high rise backward while shooting a gun at Reynolds on his way down. Sadly, he was killed the next year while doing a movie stunt on a motorcycle. The steamy, tropical Miami setting is nicely caught by Nick McLean's (THE GOONIES) camera and the typical 80s synthesizer score is by Barry De Vorzon and Joseph Conlan. With Candice Bergen, George Segal (who overplays his crass, loud mouthed millionaire), Richard Lawson, Alex Rocco, Tricia Leigh Fisher, Monica Lewis and Sachi Parker (Shirley MacLaine's daughter).

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