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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Doctor You've Got To Be Kidding (1967)

After being rushed to the hospital to give birth with three suitors (Bill Bixby, Dwayne Hickman, Dick Kallman) in tow, an unmarried aspiring singer (Sandra Dee) reflects on the circumstances leading up to her pregnancy. Based on the book THREE FOR THE WEDDING by Patte Lee Mahan and directed by Peter Tewksbury (SUNDAY IN NEW YORK). By 1967, Sandra Dee's career was in transition. She was getting too old to play the perky teen ingenue that made her one of the country's most popular actresses. This film was an attempt to turn her into a more sophisticated Doris Day (junior grade) sex comedy star. It might have worked if the material had been better but this wan attempt at comedic hijinks was already starting to get out of date in the year of films like BONNIE AND CLYDE and THE GRADUATE. Dee is the only reason to watch this, charming as ever and still a formidable screen presence but unless you're a Sandra Dee fan, I suspect this will be excruciating to sit through. Could they have found a duller bunch of leading men? With George Hamilton as Dee's boss, Celeste Holm as her mother, Mort Sahl and Allen Jenkins.

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