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Saturday, December 30, 2017

The Wild Duck (1971)

A family consisting of a photographer father (Denholm Elliott), his wife (Rosemary Leach), their daughter (Jenny Agutter) and a grandfather (John Robinson) may not have much money but they seem reasonably happy. But when the father's friend (Derek Godfrey) moves in, he feels the family is living a lie and by facing the truth, they will be able to build an honest and better family foundation. What it will do, in fact, is destroy them. Based on the 1884 play by Henrik Ibsen and directed by Alan Bridges (RETURN OF THE SOLDIER). This is my least favorite work by Ibsen. Not because it isn't well written, it surely is but I find it impossibly cruel. None of the male characters are worth a damn and I hate seeing innocent people paying for the stupidity of others. Godfrey's well intentioned friend sticks his nose where it's none of his business and instead of the redemption he hopes for, he sees a family poisoned by things that were well to be kept hidden. This adaptation is well cast and directed but that doesn't ease the misgivings I have about the play itself. With Mark Dignam and Stephanie Bidmead.

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