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Friday, December 29, 2017

The Hidden (1987)

The police are perplexed when a quiet citizen (Chris Mulkey) with no previous criminal past goes on a killing spree. When another ordinary man (William Boyett) with no criminal history goes berserk, it becomes clear something extraordinary is going on. A rather mysterious FBI agent (Kyle MacLachlan) arrives and a detective (Michael Nouri) is assigned to assist him. What follows is indeed extraordinary. Directed by Jack Sholder, this sleeper hit has since become a cult film and deservedly so. The screenplay by Bob Hunt is clever and Sholder keeps the focus on the intense action sequences with just the right amount of human element to bring some heart to the film but without diverting it from its true aims. It's intelligent enough not to insult its audience but never quite manages to rise above a perfect piece of sci-fi/horror pulp. And why should it? Better a grade A piece of pulp then a pretentious piece of sci-fi that attempts to be something more than what it is. With Claudia Christian, Clu Gulager, Ed O'Ross and Clarence Felder.

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