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Monday, December 18, 2017

The Christmas Wife (1988)

A recent widower (Jason Robards) is facing his first Christmas alone. He goes to an agency specializing in "social introductions" in search of a companion to spend Christmas with. He meets a reserved and shy woman (Julie Harris) who agrees to spend Christmas under one condition: no questions asked. Based on the short story by Helen Norris and directed by David Hugh Jones (84 CHARING CROSS ROAD). This is a bittersweet Christmas story which eschews the usual Christmas sentimentality present in most Christmas movies. It's obvious that the Julie Harris character has a secret and you wait until it's revealed (no, she's not dying) and realize that no happy ending is possible but at least one of the characters can move forward in their lives. Robards and Harris perform well together, there's a nice simplicity to their acting and you can't help but hope for the best outcome possible. A nice change of pace for those seeking something different in their Christmas movies. With Don Francks and James Eckhouse.

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