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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Mrs. O'Malley And Mr. Malone (1950)

A shyster lawyer (James Whitmore) and a Montana widow (Marjorie Main) meet up on a train going to New York. When they discover a dead body that's been stabbed to death in the lawyer's compartment, they put their brains together in an attempt to solve the murder. I love murder mysteries and I'm quite fond of movie that take place on trains. So a comedy whodunit set on a train is right up my alley. Unfortunately, the "hilarity" seems forced, the list of suspects is too short and it's not very difficult to identify the killer. The players seem up for it and it looks like MGM was setting up a franchise with Main and Whitmore as a pair of opposing sleuths but the film was not a success so there were no further films. Still, at a brief one hour and nine minutes, it doesn't have an opportunity to wear out its welcome. Directed by Norman Taurog. With Dorothy Malone, Phyllis Kirk, Ann Dvorak, Fred Clark, Clinton Sundberg, Don Porter and Douglas Fowley.

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