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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Le Gitan (1975)

A criminal (Alain Delon) of "Gypsy" heritage is hiding from the police along with his two accomplices (Renato Salvatori, Maurice Barrier). Concurrently, the police are also investigating a jewel thief (Paul Meurisse) suspected of killing his wife. Written and directed by Jose Giovanni from his novel HISTOIRE DE FOU. I've not read Giovanni's novel but perhaps as the author of the source material, he was too close to the material to turn it into a viable film. I understand Giovanni's intent to portray the discrimination of and marginalization of the vanishing Gypsy culture but Delon's gypsy may be a minority but he's still a cold blooded killer. There's no denying Delon's strong screen presence but he was never much of an actor so his character just isn't very interesting. Much more interesting is Meurisse's slightly enigmatic mastermind jewel thief. The two stories run parallel and eventually merge in the film's last 20 minutes or so. Not without interest but an overall disappointment. The nice supporting cast includes Annie Girardot, Marcel Bozzuffi and Bernard Giraudeau. 

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