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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Dakota Incident (1956)

A disparate group of passengers await a stagecoach that will take them to Laramie but they will have to cross hostile Cheyenne territory to get there. Among the passengers are an actress (Linda Darnell), a bank robber (Dale Robertson), a U.S. Senator (Ward Bond), a bank clerk (John Lund), a minstrel (Regis Toomey) and a gold trader (Whit Bissell). Directed by Lewis R. Foster (THE BOLD AND THE BRAVE), this B western from Republic studios may come across as a low rent STAGECOACH (1939) but it's a solid if minor effort. Western fans should find enough to hold their attention. At first the movie seems unenlightened in its attitude toward the Indian. The one character who speaks up for the Indian  (Ward Bond) is portrayed as a pompous fool with a lech for Darnell. But by the film's moralistic ending, there's a message of hope that it's possible for the white man and the Indian to live together in peace. With Skip Homeier, John Doucette and Malcolm Atterbury. 

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