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Sunday, May 9, 2021

Sherlock Holmes In Washington (1943)

When a British courier (Gerald Hamer) carrying top secret information is kidnapped from a train in the U.S., the renowned detective Sherlock Holmes (Basil Rathbone) is asked to come to America to investigate the disappearance. Directed by Roy William Neill, this isn't based on any of the Arthur Conan Doyle books but an original screenplay. 1943 was in the thick of WWII so everyone had to do their duty including Sherlock Holmes, so Holmes is plucked out of the late 19th century and plopped into current day Washington D.C. to fight Nazis. While it lacks the atmosphere of the period Holmes movies, this is actually one of the better Holmes films. George Zucco and Henry Daniell, who play the villains here both played Professor Moriarty in the Holmes franchise (Zucco in 1939 and Daniell in 1945). The film's romantic interest are played by Marjorie Lord and John Archer, who were married in real life and their union produced the actress Anne Archer. With Clarence Muse and Thurston Hall.

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