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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

The Astronaut's Wife (1999)

While in space, two NASA astronauts (Johnny Depp, Nick Cassavetes) lose contact with Earth for two minutes. When they return to Earth, their behavior is strange and when one of them dies and his wife (Donna Murphy) commits suicide it's only the beginning of a terrifying journey for the surviving astronaut's wife (Charlize Theron). Written and directed by Rand Ravich. This was the only feature film directed by Ravich and we should all be grateful. A potentially interesting rip off of ROSEMARY'S BABY (Theron even sports a Mia Farrow haircut from that film) is sabotaged by excess flab when it should be tight and one of the worst film scores I've ever heard, courtesy of George S. Clinton. Ravich gussies up the film with all sorts of unnecessary shots that call attention to an attempt at a visual style to compensate for the inadequacies of the script and the acting of Depp and Theron. I'd be tempted to call it the worst performances of their careers but one can't blame them for bad direction and that they are miscast. To be fair, the film has a spectacular conclusion but we have to wade through an hour and a half of inept film making to arrive there. With Samantha Eggar, Joe Morton, Clea DuVall and Blair Brown.

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