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Saturday, May 15, 2021

Sensation Seekers (1927)

A small town girl (Billie Dove) travels with the fast set and has earned herself a bad reputation among the prudish locals. When a handsome minister (Raymond Bloomer) takes over the parish, they find themselves attracted to each other but their opposing lives and viewpoints stand in their way. Based on the short story EGYPT by Ernest Pascal and directed by Lois Weber. In recent years, the prolific Lois Weber (she directed over 200 movies) has been championed as one of the unsung directors of the silent era. This film's interest lies in its depiction of small town gossips almost destroying the reputation of its minister because of the appearance of "evil" when he spends time with the wild flapper. The film benefits from Billie Dove in the central role. She's enormously appealing and gives a naturalistic performance. Alas, the film eventually becomes tiresome because of its religious bent (Weber came from a devout Christian family). The film ends with a spectacular shipwreck. With Huntley Gordon, Peggy Montgomery and Edith Yorke.

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