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Thursday, May 6, 2021

The Delicious Little Devil (1919)

A young Irish lass (Mae Murray) is the sole support of her shiftless family. After being fired from her last job, she gets a job as a cabaret dancer by pretending to be a notorious European showgirl in hiding from her latest scandal. Directed by Robert Z. Leonard (ZIEGFELD GIRL), who was married to Murray at the time. I'm a big fan of silent cinema but this comedy didn't do much for me. Murray was one of the biggest stars of the silent era and I'd never seen any of her films so I was looking forward to this but I didn't find her particularly engaging. The film had intertitles which used dialects, Irish in particular, which I found annoying. The plot is thin and not especially amusing but it was nice seeing Rudolph Valentino long before he became a star and without the exoticism which later became attached to him. The Mickey Mouse underscoring by Nora Knoll Rosenbaum didn't do the movie any favors. With Richard Cummings, Edward Jobson, Harry Rattenbury and William V. Mong.

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