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Monday, May 24, 2021

Ercole Alla Conquista Di Atlantide (aka Hercules And The Captive Women) (1961)

When he refuses to accompany the King of Thebes (Ettore Manni) on a voyage, the King has Hercules (Reg Park) drugged and kidnapped and placed on the ship. When the ship capsizes, Hercules rescues a young girl (Laura Efrikian) from a monster and she takes him to her home ..... the fabled island of Atlantis. Directed by Vittorio Cattafavi, the film is a favorite of peplum fans but I found it a middling entry in the sword and sandal genre. The special effects are weak but that only contributes to the film's overall cheesiness. That being said, Reg Park is probably the best Hercules post Steve Reeves. The principal god of Atlantis is Uranus which makes for some unfortunate and unintentional laughs ("The blood of Uranus will flow", "The power of Uranus is strong" etc.). The film looks good thanks to Carlo Carlini's wide screen cinematography. It was released in 70 millimeter Technirama, impressive for such a low budget movie. With Fay Spain as the Queen Of Atlantis, Salvatore Furnari and Luciano Marin.

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