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Friday, July 23, 2010

Peacock (2010)

John is a repressed introvert who works at a bank and lives with his wife Emma who he dominates and keeps at home. When a train car jumps the track and lands in his backyard, public attention is focused on John and Emma. Emma blossoms under all the attention while John begins to unravel. The problem? John and Emma are the same person (and skillfully played by Cillian Murphy, 28 DAYS LATER) though neither are aware that they are the same person. As a psychological drama, it’s engrossing though there’s a faintly disturbing undercurrent that (like PSYCHO and DRESSED TO KILL) seems to tie transvestism and psychotic behavior together. Curiously, or perhaps not considering the film’s outcome, Murphy is much more attractive and appealing as Emma than he is as John. Directed by Michael Lander and with Ellen Page, Susan Sarandon, Keith Carradine, Bill Pullman and Josh Lucas.

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