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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Two Of A Kind (1951)

Directed by Henry Levin (WHERE THE BOYS ARE), this is a rather innocuous example of so called noir. A crooked lawyer (Alexander Knox) and his mistress (Lizabeth Scott) pick up a small time hustler (Edmond O’Brien) and cook up a plan to pass O’Brien off as the long lost heir to a ten million dollar fortune. The screenplay is sketchy and without enough detail to fill in the gaps, it’s a hard film to swallow. This is one case where the brief running time of 75 minutes is not an asset. Scott doesn’t have much to do but pout (and considering her limited acting ability, it’s just as well), O’Brien is fine and perky Terry Moore as the screwball niece of the millionaire (Griff Barnett) with a penchant for reforming criminals is charming.

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