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Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Statement (2003)

Norman Jewison (MOONSTRUCK) directs this thriller adapted from the Brian Moore novel which was influenced by the true story of Paul Touvier, a Vichy collaborationist and responsible for the execution of seven Jews and who escaped justice for almost 50 years. A determined judge (Tilda Swinton) and an Army colonel (Jeremy Northam) attempt to track down a Nazi collaborationist (Michael Caine) responsible for the death of seven Jews during WWII. However, he seems to be protected by a certain segment of the Roman Catholic church who shelter him. After an attempt is made to assassinate him (which may be an Israeli group seeking revenge or perhaps made to look like a Jewish group for political purposes), he goes on the run. Though set in France with French characters, the entire cast is British which gives the film a generic feel to it rather than any authenticity (though the striking locations are authentic). That aside, it’s very well done with Caine giving an excellent performance as the tortured collaborationist. With Alan Bates (in his final film role), Charlotte Rampling, Frank Finlay and John Neville.

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