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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Without Trace (aka Tutte Le Auto Della Polizia) (1975)

A young 16 year old girl (Adriana Falco), the daughter of a wealthy and prominent doctor (Gabriele Ferzetti L'AVVENTURA), tells her mother she’s going over to a friend’s home to study and jumps on her motorcycle and we never see her alive again. When she’s found shot in the back of the head and dumped in a lake, what seems to be a routine homicide case turns into a more complex case of police corruption, blackmail, illegal abortions (this is Italy) and child prostitution. Directed by Mario Caiano , for most of the film it’s a straight forward thriller until the last half hour when it goes all giallo with three graphic murders and not very original either. When a nubile teenager gets naked and slips into a hot bath, you just know the killer is going to come in and cut her up. And the killer has got to be one of the dumbest serial killers in moviedom. Antonio Sabato (GRAND PRIX) is the detective assigned to the case and Luciana Paluzzi is wasted as his policewoman partner.

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