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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Adam Had Four Sons (1941)

After his wife (Fay Wray) dies and his fortune is lost in the stock market crash, a man (Warner Baxter) sends his sons to boarding school and dismisses the governess (Ingrid Bergman) who has become a part of the family. When his fortunes reverse, his sons are all grown and he sends for the governess to return and once again be part of the family. But when the second son (Johnny Downs) returns with a bride (Susan Hayward), who turns out to be the serpent in the garden, her sluttish behavior threatens to destroy the family and turn brother against brother. This pleasing soap opera was directed by Gregory Ratoff (perhaps better known as Max Fabian in ALL ABOUT EVE), who had directed Bergman in her American debut INTERMEZZO. While Bergman nobly suffers in silence, Hayward pulls all the stops out as the bitchy, trouble making viper and is there anything more pleasurable in a movie than seeing a bitch get her comeuppance? Based on the novel LEGACY by Charles Bonner. With Richard Denning, June Lockhart and Helen Westley.

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