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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

That Lucky Touch (1975)

A feminist journalist (Susannah York), who's also a pacifist, arrives in Belgium to cover some NATO war games. She begins a love/hate relationship with her next door neighbor (Roger Moore) that intensifies when she discovers he's an arms dealer. I'm tempted to call this a romantic comedy in spite of the fact that there's a sparse supply of both romance and laughs. A TOUCH OF CLASS (1973) seems the template for this kind of film and Moore and York huff and puff but the movie never manages to get going. Still, they're both attractive performers and the Belgian locations are handsome and Lee J. Cobb and Shelley Winters (making the most of every scene she's in) as a U.S. General and his wife are amusing. Directed by Christopher Miles (PRIEST OF LOVE). With Jean Pierre Cassel, Raf Vallone, Donald Sinden and Sydne Rome.

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