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Friday, October 5, 2012

La Bride Sur Le Cou (aka Please Not Now!) (1961)

When her boyfriend (Jacques Riberolles) leaves her for a wealthy American woman (Josephine James), a model (Brigitte Bardot) plots to win him back by making him jealous over another man (Michel Subor, Hitchcock's TOPAZ) and if that fails, murder the American lady. This puerile comedy looks like an attempt to do a Doris Day comedy with Bardot and though she's sexier than Ms. Day, as a comedienne Bardot is no Doris Day! As if realizing, there's not enough titillation in the movie, the director Roger Vadim inserts a dream sequence with Bardot dancing topless to liven up the undertaking though curiously the sequence is so gauzy that one can't quite be sure it's Bardot we're seeing. Despite the deficiencies of the script and the irritability of her character, Bardot manages to be charming as usual though one wishes she had stronger co-stars. The black and white CinemaScope photography could have benefited from being shot in color to take advantage of the French alps location shoot. Jean Aurel is often given co-credit as the film's director.

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