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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Woman In Hiding (1950)

After discovering her new husband (Stephen McNally) murdered her father (John Litel), a newlywed (Ida Lupino) evades an attempt by her spouse to kill her and fakes her own suicide. But the husband not only doesn't believe she's dead, he's determined to find her and finish the job. An efficiently made "woman in peril" thriller with noir-ish overtones, the film is eerily reminiscent of SUDDEN FEAR which was made two years later. It's not as well written though Lupino delivers a better performance in the central role than Crawford and Peggy Dow, as McNally's mistress, is excellent. Still, it's a bit annoying to a 21st century sensibility to see how women were often portrayed as weak, helpless things unable to take care of themselves or control their own lives and it takes a man (in this case, Howard Duff) to save the day. Directed by Michael Gordon (PILLOW TALK). With Taylor Holmes, Peggie Castle, Jerry Paris and Angela Clarke.

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