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Friday, October 26, 2012

The Maid (1991)

When a banker (Martin Sheen) relocates to Paris from Wall Street, he falls in love at first sight when he sees an attractive woman (Jacqueline Bisset). When he shows up at her door, she mistakes him for the new maid and nanny to her obnoxious daughter (Victoria Shalet). Smitten, he continues the charade as he works for her as a maid but little does she know that he is actually her new colleague at the investment firm she works for. When one thinks of romantic comedy leading men, Martin Sheen is far from the top of the list and this film proves why. He's a fine dramatic actor but short on charm and though he gives it the old college try, his performance is awkward and he looks uncomfortable. Granted the wan material gives him no help at all but Bisset seems to have no problem fitting in. There aren't any surprises and the film dutifully goes through its paces till its predictable conclusion. Directed by Ian Toynton. With Jean Pierre Cassel and James Faulkner.

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