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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Duchess Of Idaho (1950)

When a secretary (Paula Raymond) in love with her boss (John Lund, HIGH SOCIETY) is getting nowhere, her room mate (Esther Williams) decides to take matters in her own hand and hatches a plan to get the two together by romancing the boss herself. Things get complicated when she finds herself attracted to a band leader (Van Johnson). Esther swims, of course, but Lena Horne sings, Eleanor Powell (in her last film appearance) dances, Red Skelton clowns and Van and Esther dance with a potato between their foreheads. It's the typical Joe Pasternak produced undemanding MGM fluff but on a lazy Sunday afternoon (which is how I watched it), it can be surprisingly agreeable. There are a bunch of throwaway songs scattered through out the film that pad it out but honestly, they're so forgettable that you can almost forget that it's a musical. Directed by Robert Z. Leonard. With Mel Torme (whose songs were cut), Connie Haines (whose songs should have been), Amanda Blake (TV's GUNSMOKE), Bobby Troup, Mae Clarke and Clinton Sundberg.

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