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Friday, September 14, 2012

La Schiava Di Roma (aka Slave Of Rome) (1961)

Set during the invasion of Gaul by Julius Caesar's armies, when a female Gaul resistance fighter (Rossana Podesta, HELEN OF TROY) is caught by the Romans, she and the legion's captain (Guy Madison) find themselves attracted to each other. What he doesn't know is that she was responsible for an ambush that killed his father. An uncomplicated piece of sword and sandal peplum and if you're partial to the genre, you'll likely enjoy it. The film has an intelligence behind it that is rare in the genre, no super human feats by a muscle bound bodybuilder turned actor nor much reference to fate due to gods and goddesses. Still, it remains simplistic. Shot in TotalScope. Directed by Sergio Grieco and Franco Prosperi. The overactive score is by Armando Trovaioli. With Mario Petri and Giacomo Rossi Stuart.

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