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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Roughly Speaking (1945)

Covering the years from 1902 to 1942, the film tells the true story of one Louise Randall Pierson (Rosalind Russell). An independent determined woman who refuses to accept defeat and holds her family (3 sons, 2 daughters) together through two marriages, two world wars, the stock market crash, the depression, illness, in the money and in near poverty. The role is tailor made for Russell, an actress who exudes confidence and fortitude and not surprisingly, she holds the film together like glue. Directed by the prolific Michael Curtiz, the film never rises above average and while it seems to be moving toward something, it never arrives and the movie's end seems abrupt, a story unfinished. Of note, Pierson's third son Frank (played by Robert Arthur in the movie) grew up to be Frank Pierson, the Oscar winning screenwriter (DOG DAY AFTERNOON). With Jack Carson as Russell's second husband, Mona Freeman, Donald Woods, Craig Stevens, Andrea King, Alan Hale, Ray Collins, John Qualen, Robert Hutton and Ann Doran.

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