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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Les Girls (1957)

When a former dancer (Kay Kendall) writes her memoir, she is sued for libel by another ex-dancer (Taina Elg) in the troupe formerly known as Harry Nichols and Les Girls. In the book, the author states that the dancer attempted suicide for love of the troupe's leader (Gene Kelly). In true Rashomon style, both women give their sides of the stories and a surprise witness gives yet another version. Which one is the truth? This elegant, colorful musical comedy with 5 new songs by Cole Porter remains one of the undervalued gems of the 1950s MGM musical catalog. The witty screenplay by John Patrick (SOME CAME RUNNING) stands on its own and would have been just as effective without the songs. But thankfully the songs are there and if not Porter's best work, they're quite hummable especially the romantic ballad, Ca C'est L'Amour. The director George Cukor invades Minnelli territory here, ably assisted by the color coordinator Hoyningen Huene, Orry Kelly's Oscar winning costumes and Jack Cole's wonderful choreography. With Mitzi Gaynor as the third member of the trio, Jacques Bergerac, Patrick MacNee, Henry Daniell and Leslie Phillips.

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