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Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Hearse (1980)

After the death of her mother and an unpleasant divorce, a teacher (Trish Van Devere, WHERE'S POPPA?) decides to spend her summer renovating an old house she's inherited in a rather backward Northern California small town. But doors start slamming shut by themselves, faces appear in windows, objects move by themselves around the house, not to mention the townspeople are rather hostile. And why is that big black hearse following her around, could it be ..... Satan? This piece of 80s horror possessed house schlock is derivative of many films that came before it. As a horror film, it's got a couple of genuine jump in your seat moments but for the most part, it plays like one of those women in peril TV movies with Jaclyn Smith or Victoria Principal that once proliferated TV screens. It's a rather ugly looking movie too, definitely showing signs of its low budget. Directed by one George Bowers. With Joseph Cotten, Perry Lang and Christopher McDonald (THELMA AND LOUISE).

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