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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Foreign Intrigue (1956)

When a millionaire (Jean Galland) with a mysterious past dies suddenly, several people suddenly appear asking questions and wanting information. His press agent (Robert Mitchum) and his beautiful widow (Genevieve Page, BELLE DE JOUR) realize they know nothing about him. But as they pry into the dead man's past, what they find could make them very rich ... or kill them. Shot in Eastman color on location on the French Riviera, Vienna and Stockholm; the film lives up to its title for the first half. But once we get the big reveal, it becomes a less interesting standard spy thriller dependent on Mitchum's star power to get us through the rest of the movie. It's never boring, I'll give it that and it's a treat to see a pre-Bergman Ingrid Thulin looking so sexy and charming and gorgeous in her Pierre Balmain wardrobe (as does Ms. Page). The monotonous score is by Paul Durand. Directed by Sheldon Reynolds, who directed a television series with the same name some five years earlier. With Frederic O'Brady, Inga Tidblad and John Padovano.

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