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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Off Limits (1953)

A fight manager (Bob Hope) enlists in the Army to keep an eye out for his boxer (Stanley Clements) after he's drafted. But when the Army rejects the boxer because he's mentally unstable, Hope finds himself stuck in the military. With the exception of an amusing scene where Hope makes a mistake and destroys the wrong automobile, this is a rather fatigued if good natured Bob Hope vehicle with very few laughs. The second billed Mickey Rooney is wasted as a young lightweight boxer who Hope takes under his wing after he meets Rooney's sexy aunt (Marilyn Maxwell). For the Hope completists only. Directed by George Marshall (THE BLUE DAHLIA). With Carolyn Jones, Eddie Mayehoff, Joan Taylor, Mary Murphy and Charles Bronson is lurking in the background there somewhere.

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