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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

A Shriek In The Night (1933)

A newspaper reporter (Ginger Rogers) is working undercover as a secretary to a millionaire. But when the millionaire plunges to his death from his penthouse, she and a rival reporter (Lyle Talbot) attempt to find out the motives behind his death ... suicide or murder? Directed by Albert Ray, this pre-code film is a low budget programmer that looks sloppily put together. The film's humor doesn't hold up well like the dumb maid (Lillian Harmer) who's supposed to be funny but just has you groaning instead. There's a wee bit of genuine suspense near the very end but it doesn't make up for the monotony that preceded it. Normally I love these 1930s murder mystery programmers but this one doesn't cut it. With Harvey Clark, Louise Beavers and Purnell Pratt.

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