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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Adoration (aka Adore) (2013)

In New South Wales, two young girls (Sarah Henderson, Skye Sutherland) are inseparable friends which continues into adulthood. As adults, one is a widow (Naomi Watts) while the other (Robin Wright) is married and they both have sons (Xavier Samuel, James Frecheville). But when each begins an affair with the other's son, it opens the door to a complex situation that will have dreadful consequences. Based on the novel THE GRANDMOTHERS by Doris Lessing and and adapted for the screen by Christopher Hampton (DANGEROUS LIAISONS) and directed by Anne Fontaine. Anyone expecting the usual older woman/younger man saga should be surprised at the depth and detail in Hampton's screenplay. It's a line that never should have been crossed but once it is, the film doesn't shy away from the messiness, guilt, pain and even ugliness that transpires. What's the expression? "The heart wants what the heart wants"? The film offers Watts and Wright juicy roles and it's great seeing them delving into their parts wholeheartedly and fleshing them out with genuine emotional honesty. With Ben Mendelsohn, Jessica Tovey, Sophie Lowe and Gary Sweet. 

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