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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Prizzi's Honor (1985)

An heir to and a hit man (Jack Nicholson) for a Brooklyn based Italian crime family falls in love with a woman (Kathleen Turner) who's not Italian that he meets at a wedding. When he discovers that she is, in fact, a hit woman hired by the family to get rid of an enemy of the family, it doesn't deter him. Based on the novel by Richard Condon (THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE) who co-wrote the screenplay and directed by John Huston. This deliciously devious black comedy is a satire of THE GODFATHER. This family of immoral thieves and murderers are so blithely assured in the righteousness of their own iniquitous behavior that you can help liking them in spite of yourself. Quite possibly because they're instantly recognizable in our own familial behavior. And what a cast, all working at the top of their form though I felt William Hickey as the family's Don seemed a bit too calculated. He wasn't as fresh as the others. In one of his best performances, Nicholson is spectacular as the slightly dim witted assassin while Turner is perfectly crafty, a dame you just can't trust. But the scene stealer is Anjelica Huston in her Oscar winning performance as a Lucretia Borgia like Mafia princess. From her body language to her Brooklynese jabbering, she dominates every scene she's in. With Robert Loggia, Lee Richardson, John Randolph, Lawrence Tierney and C.C.H. Pounder. 

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