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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Blink (1993)

After having been blind since she was 8 years old, a violinist (Madeleine Stowe) has her sight restored after receiving eyes from a donor. But she hasn't had her sight very long when she becomes the only witness to a murder suspect (Paul Dillon) and she may be his next target. Directed by Michael Apted (COAL MINER'S DAUGHTER), this is a solid thriller that never quite reaches its potential. On the plus side, its heroine isn't the typical damsel in distress that usually populate these thrillers. She's flawed and complex and often not quite likable. She's willful to the extreme, often ignoring common sense and putting herself (and others) in harm's way. It's a good part and Stowe takes it on admirably. On the other hand, Aidan Quinn as the detective investigating the case is miscast. He's too delicate and his character is kind of a jerk and Quinn isn't a charismatic enough actor to overcome the miscasting. The movie needed a Michael Douglas type. The killer's motive is far fetched but by the time we get to it, the movie's just about over so it doesn't matter much. With Laurie Metcalf, Peter Friedman, James Remar and Bruce A. Young.  

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