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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Seven Thieves (1960)

Recently released from prison, a man (Rod Steiger) is recruited by an older ex-convict (Edward G. Robinson) to join him and five others in a heist of $4 million dollars from a Monte Carlo casino. Based on the novel LIONS AT THE KILL by Max Catto (DEVIL AT 4 O'CLOCK) and directed by film veteran Henry Hathaway. Everybody loves a good heist film, right and this tight crime caper is a solid effort. There's something to be said about workmanlike directors like Hathaway who may not have a particular style that attracts the "auteur" crowd yet direct with an assured and steady hand. It helps to have first rate actors like Robinson, Steiger and Eli Wallach in the leads and Steiger (in a very subdued performance) in particular brings a little extra to his character that sets him off from the others. Although the entire movie takes place on the French Riviera, it was shot on a Fox sound stage with rear projection shots filling in for Monte Carlo. There's a nice underscore by Dominic Frontiere. If you like heist films, this one should satisfy your craving. With Joan Collins, Alexander Scourby, Michael Dante, Sebastian Cabot and Berry Kroeger.

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