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Monday, September 18, 2017

Apache Drums (1951)

Set in a scarcely populated Arizona desert town, a gambler (Stephen McNally) with an itchy gun finger and the town's mayor (Willard Parker) are both in love with the same girl (Coleen Gray). But that all takes a backseat when a group of renegade Indians attack the town. Based on STAND AT SPANISH BOOT by Harry Brown and directed by Hugo Fregonese. This was also the last film produced by Val Lewton, most famous for his RKO horror films of the 1940s like CAT PEOPLE and I WALKED WITH A ZOMBIE. It's a "B" western but very well done. The film's big set piece or high point if you prefer is the almost 30 minute assault by the Apaches on the townspeople trapped in a church. This is where the Lewton touch is evident. Like his horror films which suggested more than they showed, we're constantly reminded of the Apache's presence without actually seeing them by their constant drums and war cries and when they attack it's unexpected and startling. The acting is decent though I found Arthur Shields as the town preacher constantly bringing up God and constantly referring to the Apaches as heathen and devils irritating. With James Best, Clarence Muse and James Griffith. 

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