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Thursday, September 28, 2017

The Stud (1978)

The bored wife (Joan Collins) of a wealthy businessman (Walter Gotell) owns a trendy and hot nightclub in London. She uses the club's manager (Oliver Tobias) as her "stud" but he's losing interest in her and he plots to start his own club. Based on the novel by Jackie Collins and directed by Quentin Masters. 1977's SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER took the disco craze to new heights and this film rode its coattails. Made on a shoestring budget, it was a massive international success and grossed almost 20 times its budget. The disco soundtrack album was also a huge best seller. You know what kind of film this is going to be as soon as you hear the title song over the credits, "What's his name, what's his name? Stud! What's his game, what's his game, Stud!". As for the film itself, it's as close to softcore porn as a movie with a name actress (Collins) can get. However, the sex is surprisingly unerotic and often ludicrous. If you have an appetite for trash, this can be fun. If you don't, skip it. The sequel called THE BITCH was also a big hit. With Sue Lloyd, Mark Burns and Emma Jacobs.  

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